IMG_5034After living in 9 years in SIN we decided to get married after the wedding we went on a short trip only the two of us to south of sweden to relax. Hmm it ended up with a minimum of relaxing mostly driving and short stops. We had 4 days away from the children and drove 2100 km. Its here in the car speeding down the highway our idee came up to do something different with our lifes rather then just running in the same hamster wheel everyday, send kids to school, work, making dinner ,putting the kids to bed after dinner, sing them a song and read a book. preparing for next day get a glas of wine at 23:00 and all the kids are sleeping, watch a Netflix series way to late so at 01:00 you get to bed……then wake up at 01:30 one of the kids wakes up, put to bed again, another one wakes up put that one to bed, Wake up at 06:00 and start prep for school and daycare. These are the main focus of the days then you have all papers to fill out all meetings with school, hospital visits, i can tell you its alot with 6 children.   I know its tough, its soooo hard   to get time with all 6 of them. To see them and be with them and maybe just listen to them, its to hectic. To be honest im really nervous about this.

But with great love, comes great strenght and new possibilites will open up.




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